Richard Griffiths

Richard became obsessed with music when he first saw The Beatles on the Ed
Sullivan show in the early sixties. He wanted to be like John, Paul, and
George and play the guitar. When he was six his parents bought him a ukelele
and ever since has lived with a guitar beside him. Growing up in the 60's
and 70's he grew to love the music of the time including The Beatles, The
Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly, Jethro Tull, Rolling
Stones, Vanilla Fudge and the like. He has a passion for early 1970's
Australian progressive rock music and was a regular at the burgeoning pub
rock scene in Melbourne at the time. An accomplished musician Richard has
played in various tribute bands in Sydney and Brisbane and is currently
performing classic hits in a duo. He has also written, produced and played
his own original compositions on the EP "Trilogy-Died on a Trail of Tears."

Richard will take us back in time with his Richards Retrospective program
looking at the great artists, music and albums of the past.

Autotrack Fm

Chris Underwood

I started my radio career in Malaysia at RAAF Radio Butterworth "Double RB" in 1980 presenting a program "Motoring Magazine" for one hour every Sunday morning. My biggest achievement was calling the updates of the 1981 Bathurst Hardie Ferodo 500 via my father's telex machine in his office at Eastwood, Sydney through the RAAF communications network to the studio at Butterworth with hourly updates. At the end, we were only one hour behind the actual finish. I was posted to RAAF Richmond after my 2 year posting at Butterworth. I located a local community radio station in Windsor, 2VTR FM. I approached the manager to broadcast "Motoring Magazine". Finally got the OK to broadcast my first program on August 1985 till 2017. And now broadcast as "AutotrackFM" on Hawkesbury GOLD. In that time, I've travelled around the world numerous times to cover motorsport. Nascar, World of Outlaws, NHRA, Indy 500, Speedway GP, LeMANS 24hr, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Formula One, V8 Supercars plus I've got a very good team of expert commentators. It's been a roller coaster ride in providing results of motorsport on the four and two wheel scene to the listeners over the airwaves and online.

Being an Elvis fan is a lifestyle.

Steve Head

 Steve produced and ran his Elvis Tribute radio show on Sydney 100.1FM and now hosts his ” Jailhouse Rock ” Show , from 8.00pm every Tuesday on Hawkesbury Gold.
Steve relives the music , talent and charisma of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Himself an Award Winning Elvis Tribute Artist, Steve has archived the motherlode of Elvis performances, from the early days, the classic comebacks to that moment frozen in time in 1977. “If I can dream of a better land where all my brothers walk hand in hand, tell me why, oh why, cant make my dream come true”
Elvis could touch and move souls.
If you weren’t an Elvis fan, Steve will make you one.
Tune in Tuesday from 8.00pm when Steve behind his Memphis Microphone, remembers the life and legacy of the world’s greatest entertainer.
It’s a little less conversation , and a whole lot more of Elvis on Steve’s Jailhouse Rock show.
Thankyou very much. 

Unknown Treasures

Colin Clifton

There was always music playing in the family home either on the radio or via a record on a gramophone player. Music has always been an important part of my life so when I started work I spent my wages on records and concert tickets. My first LP was Abbey Road by the Beatles and my first concert was the Faces.
I was fortunate to go to the UK in 1977 and immersed  myself in the punk / new wave music which was sweeping the country. I saw many of the bands from the period, often before they became well known. Although my music tastes remain very broad, this is still my preferred genre of music.
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