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Here’s what one of our first sponsors had to say after his sponsored adverts had been running less than six weeks:

When I was approached to advertise on Hawkesbury Gold I was skeptical if it would be worthwhile, since I didn’t know anyone who personally listened to community radio.  But within 2 weeks of the advertising running I was getting customers coming in and mentioning that they’d heard my ad on the radio.


I’d been advertising on Google and Facebook and when asked how they found out about me, no one had said they’d seen one of those ads. It was easy to get the Hawkesbury Gold ads up and running, all I had to do was edit their script and they took care of finding the voice talent and getting it recorded. – Ashley Glenday, Static I.T., Kurmond

Hawkesbury Gold’s new transmission equipment ensures that your sponsored advertisements reach the entire Hawkesbury region and beyond.

Community radio listeners prefer, where possible, to deal locally, so it is the perfect place to advertise local products and services, as well as events.

And remember, the Hawkesbury has been listening to the 89.9FM frequency for 40 years, so there’s an existing market ready to hear your message.

Opportunities to regularly sponsor major items, such as News, Weather, Traffic and Sport are available

We are also pleased to announce the support of well-known professional radio personalities who will produce voice overs and announcements to enhance our sponsors’ reach into your local market place.

to find out more email , info@hawkesburygold.com


Hawkesbury Gold

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