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Community Service Announcements

Community Service Announcements


Want to tell the world about your event, your charity function or your promotion?

If you are a not-for-profit organisation and have something that is relevant to the Hawkesbury community, we would love to broadcast details on Hawkesbury Gold, for free!

So, if you have a community event coming up, please drop us an email with full details including:

  • Your organisation name
  • Your event name
  • Date & location of event
  • Duration of event
  • Description of event
  • Fees or costs associated with entry
  • Contact person
  • Email
  • Phone

Please let us know at least two weeks before your event to ensure we can give you sufficient exposure.

Emails:  info@hawkesburygold.com

Postal:  PO Box 613, Richmond, 2753

Phone:  1300 593 400

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