Community Radio in the Hawkesbury

Community Radio in the Hawkesbury

Community radio started in the Hawkesbury about 40 years ago when Hawkesbury Radio (as distinct from our new Station ‘Hawkesbury Gold’) was granted a community broadcast licence by ACMA (Australia Communications and Media Authority).

After recent investigations into Hawkesbury Radio in relation to its responsibilities under the Broadcast Act, ACMA refused renewal of their broadcast licence when it came due in October 2017.  Hawkesbury Radio was only one of two in Australia that failed to have its Licence renewed (the other Station was financially unviable).

The ACMA then called for expressions of interest from parties interested in community broadcasting in the Hawkesbury.  There were four applicants:

  1. Hawkesbury Radio (Hawkesbury Radio Communications Cooperative Society Ltd)


  1. Consortium of Australian Media Services Inc (CAMS, on behalf of Windsor-Hawkesbury Community Radio)


  1. Hawkesbury Gold (Hawkesbury Valley Community Radio Association Inc)
  2. Hawkesbury Harmony 

The ACMA then issued all four with a ‘Temporary Community Broadcast Licence’ for the 12 month period ending 5th December 2019.

The ACMA further determined the four parties would all share the broadcast times on the 89.9FM frequency, as follows:

  1. Hawkesbury Radio – from Midnight Wednesday until 12pm Saturday each week
  2. Hawkesbury Gold – from 12pm Saturday until 12pm Monday each week
  3. WHCR – from 12pm Monday until Midnight Tuesday each week
  4. Harmony – from Midnight Tuesday until Midnight Wednesday each week


If you tune in to 89.9FM between noon Saturday and noon Monday you will be listening to the new Hawkesbury Gold.

If you tune in at other times you will be listening to one of the other parties.


Postal:  PO Box 613, Richmond, 2753

Phone:  1300 593 400

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